Applying Camouflage Cream

Royal Marines training video demonstrating how to apply cam-cream.

Beret Shaping

Royal Marines training video on how to shape your beret.

Camouflage Equipment

Royal Marines training video on camouflaging equipment.

Field Signals

Introduction to 13 basic field signals, as well as 4 methods to gain attention before passing the signals.

MATT5 Map Reading Videos

British Army MATT 5 Military Map Reading training videos.

OS Map Reading Videos

Ordnance Survey videos on basic navigation.

Ranks of the Royal Marines

Video describing all the ranks of the Royal Marines and the associated rank badges.

Rifle Section

A short introduction to the Rifle Section and its structure, especially in regards to Royal Marines Cadets.

Royal Marines – How To Iron Your Uniform Videos

Royal Marines training videos on preparing your uniform.

Royal Marines – How To Map Read Videos

Royal Marines training videos on military map reading.

Royal Marines Cap Badge History Video

A video describing the 6 elements of the Royal Marines insignia, and the history behind each element.

Royal Marines Corps Memorable Dates Video

A video describing the 10 Royal Marines Corps Memorable Dates.

Section Formations

A video introduction to the 4 basic section formations.

Why Things Are Seen

A video presentation on “Why Things Are Seen” to teach camouflage and concealment.