Applying Camouflage Cream

Royal Marines training video demonstrating how to apply cam-cream.

Camouflage Equipment

Royal Marines training video on camouflaging equipment.

Field Kit Layout

Are You Field Ready? Diagrams showing how to pack your field kit in your combat smock, webbing, bergen, daysack and waskhit.

Field Signals

Introduction to 13 basic field signals, as well as 4 methods to gain attention before passing the signals.

Fieldcraft TAM

The ACF Fieldcraft Tactical Aide Memoire contains information and tables to assist with executing fieldcraft tactics and exercises.

Fitting of PLCE Webbing and Bergen Aide Memoire

How to fit and wear both PLCE webbing and bergen.

Rifle Section

A short introduction to the Rifle Section and its structure, especially in regards to Royal Marines Cadets.

Section Formations

A video introduction to the 4 basic section formations.

Triangular Harbour – Army Poster

Army Poster showing the Triangular Harbour.

Why Things Are Seen

A video presentation on “Why Things Are Seen” to teach camouflage and concealment.