Corps History

  • RMC History & Traditional Facts Precis Pack

    RMC History & Traditional Facts Precis Pack

  • RM VC Winners Document

    Royal Marines Victoria Cross winners list, including brief descriptions of the events leading to the ...

  • RM Corps Colours

    Royal Marines Corps Colours explanation.

  • Corps Memorable Dates Video

    Royal Marines Corps Memorable Dates video presentation.

  • RM Crest History Summary

    Royal Marines crest history summary.

  • Corps Memorable Dates Document

    Royal Marines Corps Memorable Dates document.

  • Corps Memorable Dates Summary

    Royal Marines Corps Memorable Dates summary.

  • RM Crest History Video

    Royal Marines Crest (cap badge) history video presentation.

  • RM VC Winners Summary

    Royal Marines Victoria Cross winners summary, including dates and locations.

  • Drill

  • RM Salute

    Royal Marines salute guide.

  • RM Basic Foot Drill (2/2)

    Royal Marines basic static foot drill further description. (2 of 2)

  • RM Basic Foot Drill (1/2)

    Royal Marines basic static foot drill description. (1 of 2)

  • Fieldcraft

  • Cam & Concealment 2 – Camouflage Equipment

    Royal Marines training video on camouflaging equipment. (2/2)

  • Cam & Concealment 1 – Applying Cam-Cream

    Royal Marines training video on applying cam-cream. (1/2)

  • Fieldcraft TAM

    Fieldcraft TAM 2020 (Tactical Aide Memoire) from the ACF. Contains useful info.

  • Why Things Are Seen Video

    Why Things Are Seen to assist camouflage & concealment training.

  • Section Formations Video

    Introduction to the 4 basic section formations.

  • Rifle Section Video

    Rifle Section video lesson.

  • Field Signals Video

    Basic Field Signals, and gaining attention to pass signal.

  • Sentries, Harbours & Patrols Posters

    Training Posters on Sentries, Harbours & Patrols.

  • Fitting of PLCE Webbing and Bergen

    PLCE webbing and bergen fitting instructions.

  • Map Reading

  • Map Reading Posters

    Map Reading Posters on Grid Refs, Shape of Ground, Distance Measuring, Contours & Compass.

  • MATT 5 NAVIGATION – Map Reading Workbook

    MATT5 Map Reading Workbook

  • RM Map Reading Videos

    Royal Marines military map reading training videos.

  • OS Map Reading Videos

    Ordnance Survey videos on map reading. Military maps use mils, not degrees. 360°=6400₥.

  • Military Map Reading Guide & Workbook

    Military Map Reading guide and workbook. (Requires OS map Sheet 199: Eastbourne and Hastings).

  • Military Map Reading Booklet

    Military Map Reading booklet

  • Misc

  • Coping In An Emergency Presentation

    How to cope in an emergency presentation.

  • Royal Marines Dictionary

    Dictionary of Royal Marines slang!

  • Sea Cadets History

    Sea Cadets Corps history, with a list of significant dates.

  • Naval Watches

    24-hour naval watch system diagram.

  • Pecking Order

    British Armed Forces Ranks & Rates, showing badges and equivalent rank/rate in the various branches. ...

  • Phonetic Alphabet

    Phonetic alphabet (and numbers) guide, including pronunciations.

  • RM Music

  • RM Music Marches

    Musical marches of the Royal Marines in audio playable format.

  • RM Music Guide

    Royal Marines Music four marches described.

  • Skill At Arms

  • Skill At Arms Posters

    Skill At Arms Training Posters with Marksmanship Principles.

  • SA80 Posters

    SA80 A2 (& equipment) training posters.

  • Uniform

  • Beret Shaping

    Royal Marines training video on how to shape your beret.

  • Royal Marines: How To Iron Your Uniform Videos

    A series of videos showing how Royal Marines should iron their uniform.

  • RM Cadets Uniform Regulations

    Royal Marines Cadets uniform regulations from the Sea Cadet Corps uniform regulations, including badge ...

  • Zulu Coy Dress Standards

    Zulu Company standard of military dress for Royal Marines Cadets.